Friday, April 24, 2009


Few days back i happened to visit the free India's first planned hill station 'LAVASA' near Pune.
As an architect/ planner/ designer/ nature lover/ aware citizen, i wanted to visit the place for long since i had already heard so much about its development, through media as well as friends and professionals who are actually working on it.
It is located on the backwaters of Warasgaon dam on the Western Ghats between Pune and Mumbai, within 80 minutes from Pune (approximately 50 km) and 3 hours from Mumbai (approx 180 km). It is spread over 12,500 acres (51 The concept of a hill town dates from colonial India when British administrators went to hilly areas during the summer, prominent examples being Shimla, Kulu, Ooty etc. The first phase of the Lavasa hill town is currently under construction, scheduled for completion in Dec 2009.

The developers claim this town to be a self-sufficient town where they are projecting a creation of over 50,000 jobs over the next 10 years.
As the developers are promoting it as the first planned hill town, i was expecting to see little environment friendly/sensitive approach keeping in mind the current environmental imbalance. Global warming effects, melting of ice caps, rising sea levels on one side and scarcity of water, diminishing wild life and natural habitats on the other hand, as backdrop its a very scary scene. The developers could have taken care of the renewable and sustainable energy aspect in mind since the project is vast and located in a rich natural habitat.

I am posting few of the snaps of the work going on of phase one. It was very disheartening to see the development in a pure commercial way. Little sensitive approch could have made the required difference.
water retension ponds, wind mills, treating and recycling wastes, water harwesting, tree plantation, energy saving, natural energy resources...such many more. these words sound so non-familier...
Ofcourse, these are my immediate thoughts on visit. I understand that there are many other aspects to the whole thing. i would prefer not to get into all but would like to share the images...

your remarks n thoughts are welcome...

all the photos by minal+sonal designs
technical DATA : from LAVASA website :

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