Wednesday, April 29, 2009

home schooling...non-schooling....

Finally the time has arrived to take a decision. I know its not so easy to take such a decision for someone else who is completely dependent on you. The success or failure of any idea will be evident only after it starts showing up the results...

After getting married having kid was a very obvious option. Eventually it happened and amal arrived in our lives. I'd thought a lot about having kids, and how i would raise them, how would i help them grow up with sensible rational approach. who grow up into a sensitive, inelligent and integrated persona. How i would love them to see growing in nature, playing in nature and learning from nature.

Personally i never enjoyed my schooling days, except for the extra curricular activities, which offered me to stay out of class often. And that was an incentive to finish it without failing. To pass the exams was never so difficult with the minimum required efforts put in.

There, this idea came to me, to home-school / non-school or put my child in an open school. Before amal's arrival the thought did not sound so difficult as i was looking at it as a third party or an outsider i guess. But now as amal has already turned 2 years and the obvious next step would be of putting him in some school pops up. All the thoughts gushing at the same time, positive / negative all together, am rendered totally confused. Not able to clearly see the situation.

So many people around have to say so many different things on the topic..they are not going to take decision on my behalf but they are there to put forth all the possibilities pleasant as well as non-so-pleasant ones. Its good in a way..but on my side it calls for a lot more courage and in depth knowledge...
My research has begun...friends, internet, various groups, discussions...its going to take time.
If you have anything to say, please feel free to respond. If you know someone dealing the issue in similar ways please let me know. If you can help me out in getting resources in or around mumbai it would be welcome.

- Sonal modak

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