Thursday, August 17, 2006

my enounter with GOD...

all photos by : sonal and minal modak

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

kabhi alvida na kehna...

We all have gathered on the occasion of 15th august, all of us having a holiday. (leave aside the ideological patriotism n ur duties towards nation !!! we r getting a day off n we, ‘the’ family want to enjoy our day together.)
A plan comes up, lets have good food n catch up with some nice movie…ANTHONY KAUN HAI would be a good choice to enjoy the laughter together!!!

God!!! it’s a holiday n our navi mumbai has the one n only multiplex dat normally gets flooded as if there is nothing better to do on holidays !!!…so there we were...watching KANK…!!!

We were hoping for few good looking faces wearing nice clothes. Beautiful locations, some, not so bad music n that’s how the movie would end. As simple as that !!! but who knew what we had in store for us…yes there were good faces of RANI and PRIETY (most of the time crying or confused), let me not comment on the locations which were overpowered by ‘the’ SHAHRUKH !!! his sick attitude towards life n people who loved him was …PATHETIC!!!
AMITABH, ABHISHEK, KIRON KHER did little good to the film by entertaining us…but that’s to their own credit…director was nowhere to stand by.
We all managed to survive the movie n get out with a headache…

NOOO…I’ve still to derive the morale of the story…!!!