Tuesday, March 24, 2009


HE: hi
SHE: hello
khup divsanni
HE: ya
office madhe orkut restrict kelay
SHE: so how r things at ur end?
HE: fn
and u?
SHE: fine. too hectic. lil tired..
HE: u wl have a long break in this mango season rt?
SHE: not really...generally before monsoon there is a rush on our site to complete the work...so its gonna more hectic
monsoon goes lil slow
HE: hmmnn....so busy....we all do not have work only....recession has affected tremendously to our industry
all r on gas
SHE: yeah diff fields r affected on diff level
actually amche projects mostly shifting or make shift arrangement wale aahet sadhya...people r spending money to reduce their expenditure
HE: agreed
its gd na that u r not affected....my wifes wing is being closed....lot of tension....but u see we have to face it
SHE: yeah...but running around for lesser fees is not affordable...office expenses kami nahi hot na tyane.
anyway...u've to face it is the bottom line
HE: hmmnnn thats true....but when u r entrepeunor then these things r anticipated
mag baki kay...hows amal and minal?
SHE: both r good. amalchi masti an dhadpad chaluch aahe
hey wats ur kids name?
HE: :)
SHE: kay zala?
HE: Tanisha....I bet tichi masti dhoodgos and dhadpad jasta aahe....we r really tired running after her
SHE: nice name
HE: Hmmnnn...my wife choose it....I was for "Kimaya"...but as usual she never listens to me
SHE: :) so many complains u 've for her !!
HE: Facts r not complaints
I like and luv her but facts remain unchanged
SHE: dint recieve ur messages
HE: hi...got disconnected
SHE: n no got them all together
maybe some network problem
HE: ya
SHE: mag aaj kay karnar kaam nasel tar?
HE: so everybody may nt like you....and morever ur hubby may also hv sm factual complaint rt?
today I m workin fm home
so chatting fm personal PC
SHE: yeah he might have. never told me till now.
HE: We dont dare to tell these to wives
SHE: my god...tu tar husband X wife teams karun taklelya distahet
HE: those r already created....I m only a team player
SHE: hmm then its lil diff in our case...generally we work together as a single team...so we have less factual complains as we keep sortng them out on regular basis :)
HE: Dont mix personal with proffession....nd its really pleasure to hear that u r different only I should hear that from minal too
SHE: :) sure
HE: so tu evda vel chat kartes....doesnt it affect ur work....u dont report to anybody I understand
SHE: ? dint get u
aapn kiti taas bolto aahot re ?
HE: I meant there may be other friends like me....so how can u spare so much time in this hectic schedule?....I meant that U r only the boss so it may be possible
SHE: tevhda vel tar me office madhe hi konashi na konashi bolte...productivity is not related to man hours of work put in...i hope u undrstand wat i mean
HE: gr8 multitasking women....ya I do understand
SHE: am sorry to say but there is no online friends like u...
HE: I belive u....but y r u sorry for that?....u can have if u wish too
SHE: me tujha kay ghoda marlay ka? y r u gettgin so personal about things?
am sure y ur wife is not happy with u !!
wish u happy life togther...
HE: Hey Y r u geeting annoyed....jus asked casually....I like chatting with u....but was worried that I may b disturbing so I asked....SORRY
HE: I will rectify you....my wife is very much happy with me.....and even I m....a couple of differences cannot create permanant rift or dislike
SHE: am failing to understand the whole thing now !!!
am very sorry dat i said dat..i've no right to say such things...but i dint understand y the hell did u say dat all..? wat do u think of me?
HE: Females r complex but they do not understand complex things thats all I can say :)
SHE: i dont think we r so close dat we can pass such comments for each otehr...me chating karen kinva nahi ani te karunahi maza kaam sampven kinva nahi...wat do u have to do with this?
forget it !!
HE: Forgot ....now cool pls....I didnt think u r so short tempered
SHE: whatever. just forget it n leave me alone.
if u think females r so dumb...y do u go n approch them?
u should find some good inttelectual company in ur own male community rihgt?
HE: Its already there....but I m also expanding with some exceptions from other community....I had searched one...but it seems that I will soon loose her
HE: Wtever might be at least say byee before leaving.....neways sorry againg if I have raised ur tempo
SHE: its not a question of just saying by. the thing is dat am not used to this male-female grouping...thankfully aajparyanta mala me female aslyachi janeev konich itkya teevrateni karun navhati dili..so i got annoyed...kam kartanna kinva gappa martanna hya goshti madhe yeu nayet asa mala personally vatta pan u have all the freedom to think anyway
thanks for bringing the reality so clearly in front of me !!!
bye n wish u best luck !!
HE: On elast comment...Belive me I do not think that such conversation should have been taken so seriously....I cassually passed some remarks for the sake of communication...may be I was rong....I can now realize that there may be cretain sensative areas wherein you shoudnt touch....I do hold respect for females.....and lastly wish you the same


Narendra Damle, words to speak and a heart to listen said...

maybe absurd, but not so uncommon, is it ?

sonal m m said...

yeah its not so uncommon...but very disturbing...anyway it happens sometimes...

Anonymous said...

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