Monday, June 26, 2006 ur eyes....

Recently The Reader’s Digest carried out a survey, which concluded in awarding Amchi Mumbai the crown of being ‘The Rudest City’ in the world…
Though I’ve a limited knowledge about how seriously n honestly the survey was carried out, one thing for sure…I’m in total opposition to this conclusion.

I'm an outsider here in Mumbai. I’ve known the city for a very small period till now, but my experiences in all this while contradict the above-mentioned conclusion.

Frankly speaking I’m not any Pakka Mumbaikar or even don’t intend to become one!!!
My belief is, this is not the city to live in but the fact that the city helps freshers like us very readily in establishing ourselves in all senses.
So you come here, work like a dog for a while, make best out of it n make ur way out in time, if u want a quality life. Once u fail to get out of it, u r stuck here the rest of ur life…its so simple!!!
I, myself don’t want to settle here for my life, but knowing all this I’ve seen how easily this city absorbs n helps people sustain….how can a rudest city can do dat at first…!!!

How can one deny the helping nature of real Mmbaikars’ here.
I’ve seen how u’ r offered help if u r disoriented even before u taking efforts to bother someone for the direction!
Look at the overcrowded local trains here…by looking at them u feel it can burst any given moment…have u seen such accommodative city like this anywhere in the world…?

The thing, I feel, is life in Mumbai sucks !!!
Its no different for all – be it a beggar, a middle class person or even a so called celebrity..! Mumbai treats all with the same intensity. Every damn person is busy running to meet ends…actually…the distances one has to scale everyday…!!!
One has to run so much just to make his living…I cant believe it sometimes…still he finds a moment out to help someone in need of it…have we forgotten the 26th july 05 floods?

So with all due respect here is my disagreement !!!

- sonal m m

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