Monday, June 12, 2006

Chaotic System

Generally speaking the words "chaos" and "system" dont go hand in hand.
the obvious questing comes - "if there is a chaos how can there be any system?"
chaos ahas something to do with unorganised/not orderly/ non systematic...condition of any given object or a scene...

Until the last few decades, chaotic systems have not been studied nearly as much as ordered systems, perhaps because chaotic systems are far more difficult to understand...

for instance lets look at the rising smoke from a cigarette, some of the differences between ordered and chaotic systems. Initially the smoke rises in a smooth upward flow, which breaks down a few inches above the tip of the cigarette into a disordered, turbulent motion. due to some kind of disturbance.
This is an example of a transition from an ordered system into a chaotic one.

A system of more than two bodies orbiting under their mutual gravitational attraction is also chaotic, thus the entire solar system can be considered chaotic!

A stream of water flowing out of an appropriately adjusted outlet shows similar behaviour, which is evident in a lots of situations, both man-made and natural.

The weather systems of the atmosphere which are intertwined with the heat, pressure and mass flows in the oceans are chaotic.

One can very easily apply the same theory to his/her day to day happenings...u plan your day and try to follow your plan to the best of your capabilities...but there are few things that take place which are not in your plan. They affect your plan in a positive or a negative manner.

It can be really interesting to monitor your day n analyse it...who knows it might help you solving problems in your you in some systematic manner to lead your way to an organised and systematic mental and physical life...!!!

- sonal m m

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